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The musical export good from China enchants with female drum power

In 2008 a group of young Chinese women opened and closed the Olympic Games in Beijing with an enormous drum roll. The band represents on stage as beautiful, self-confident and insanely powerful ladies. Women with traditional percussion instruments – an image that has seemed to be unimaginable for a long time. By now 10 years MANAO-Drums of China has performed on stage and has afforded its audience an awesome experience through traditional sound in combination with an artistic modern show. Already successful in their home country, the musicians also played in Canada, US, Singapore, South Africa and Australia, and they now export the magic of this far eastern culture to the stages of the world.


The young ladies of MANAO pound the tautly stretched furs in lively rhythms with passion and mettle in a perfectly original manner – loudly and impressively but also gently and restrainedly. Old Chinese art of beating the drum is wrapped in a stage show which spectacularly puts the musical themes in the limelight by most modern lightning technology and targeted effects. This composition inspires the fantasy and let you sink in a mystic new world.


The musicians represent a young Chinese generation that is oriented towards occidental values but cares of its extraordinary consciousness of tradition. Thus they build a bridge between an old culture and modernity.

It will be admirable that MANAO could obtain a hearing as a female drummer band in their home country China if you take in consideration that men have reserved this traditional art so far.


Their unbelievable discipline, professionalism and their vast staying power reflect in their faces. Drums of China is a nail-biting entertainment which demands physically supreme performance of these young ladies – drumming with heart and soul.


The graceful bodies pound the drums of 350kg with an impressively exact synchrony.


During the show rare stringed instruments, which form a lovely melodic contrast, will be presented besides different percussion instruments. Sound and rhythm will abduct you in a dreamlike world and they will tell about wild animals and pristine landscapes.


There was a first resonance during the premieres-tour in Austria, Germany, Italy and Czechia. The anticipation of the forthcoming tours in 2012/2013 goes up because of sell-outs, standing ovations and enthusiastic co-drumming of the audience in these countries.


Let you carry away of this breathtaking dynamic and accompany us in a fascinating sound installation of percussion. MANAO - It’s a performance that looks for similar in vain.


Summary of more than 1000 performances of the ensemble until today:



  • in The Chan Centre, Vancouver, Canada
  • in the Markham Theatre, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada
  • TV Show “Beyond the Rainbow” and “Spring Festival”, Johannesburg, South Africa


  • Shows in Singapore
  • Shows in USA (f.e. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington)


  • Shows in Australia (f.e. Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide)


  • Shows in Dallas and Houston (USA)
  • Shows in UK and Ireland (Belfast, London, Dublin)
  • Shows in Indonesia (f.e. Jakarta, Medan, Palembang, Pontianak, Surabaya)


  • Performances in the USA and UK


  • Tour in The Netherlands (f.e. Amsterdam, Leeuwarden, Den Haag)
  • Performance in front of the pyramids in Egypt
  • Shows in New Zealand


  • TV Show in Japan about the documentary about “woman in China”
  • TV Show in Australia about the preparation of the Olympic Games as opening and closing act


  • Performance in Ontario, Canada for the opening of the Casino
  • Festival of “Tai Drums” in Japan
  • Concert with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in Hong Kong


  • First tour in Europe (Austria, Switzerland, CZ, Germany, Italy)
  • Live Performance at the Saturday Night Show “Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel” in Germany with 4,7 mio viewers


  • "Flying Dragon Tour" (Germany)
  • Live Performances in Paris/France and Beijing/China
  • Live Performances in New York City, USA - Peter Jay Sharp Theater  



  • Live Performances in New York City, USA - Peter Jay Sharp Theater
  • Several corporate shows - worldwide 




  • Live performance in Doha/Qatar